Second Chance Ministries has re-focused it's ministry to assist ex-offenders with reentry and consulting families and individuals with guiding them through the judial, correctional and parole systems.

In addition, we offer our W.O.R.K. program, (Working with Offenders to Reintegrate with Knowledge) to clients individually. 

Resume Writing Describe what a resume is and how it is used; explain why it is an important tool when looking for employment; and explain the various types of resumes.

Job Search Identify skills, focusing on how to translate real life skills and experiences gained both inside and   outside the institution into work skills; list different types of skills, highlight the skills they have gained in the facility that are transferable to work skills in the outside workforce; evaluate various types of skills; explain where to look for various job postings.

Interviews Explain how to prepare for an interview; describe how they should dress for an interview; evaluate and answer the tough questions in an interview; how to perform effectively during an interview; and develop      strategies to handle and learn from rejection after an interview.